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​V2 Beauty Booster
Micro Filler Treatment


With age, we can lose up to  ⅔ of our hyaluronic acid pool. This means that over time our skin gets thinner, more fragile, dehydrates and its elasticity diminishes.

Beauty Booster is the perfect treatment to both correct these natural losses, and prevent premature aging.

This treatment involves small quantities of highly concentrated natural and free hyaluronic acid, infused with  a combination of vitamins and minerals, to be spread evenly over the surface of the face and along the lines of wrinkles through the use of hypodermic micro-injections.

How many treatments do I need?
A course of three treatments at 3-4 week intervals, is recommended. A maintenance treatment is then needed every 6-12 months.

Does it hurt?
A numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment as the hyaluronic acid is injected through small needles. The treatment only takes 10-15 minutes.