Hydrodermabrasion - Medi Peel - LED Therapy

Sold as a packaged treatment, this combination could not get any better!
Hydrodermabrasion,  Medi Peel and LED Light Therapy is
Nouvelle Cosmetics #1 go to Facial!

Exfoliation, and intense hydration followed by the soothing LED light we cover all bases ensuring  smoothed skin, evening of tone, reduced pores, and a youthful glow .

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Suitable for ALL skin types with INSTANT Results

Reduce Acne
Zero Downtime

Hydrodermabrasion facials with the Bio-Hydroderm are the next generation of microdermabrasion, delivering both advanced exfoliation and targeted skin correcting hydration.

This unique wet/dry technology allows for a gentle yet effective exfoliation to reveal a vibrant, more youthful complexion. During your treatment the skin is also soothed and infused with state of the art anti-aging skin care ingredients designed to increase cell renewal and maximise hydration.

How many treatments do I need?

You will see and feel the change in your skin after a single treatment. Treatments can be as frequent as weekly until desired outcome is achieved, and maintained 6 monthly or as required.


Clears congested and oily skin
Smooths skin texture
Lightens pigmentation

Commonly referred to as chemical peels, light peels, or lunchtime peels, a Medi- Peel treatment will gently and effectively remove dull surface skin layers resulting in a smoother texture with enhanced clarity and luminosity.

Whilst downtime is zero to minimal, Medi-Peels do penetrate the superficial layers of the skin resulting in a general warmth with some experiencing a minor tingling sensation. Following treatment, you may experience light shedding and/or visible peeling as a sign of renewed cell activity.

How many treatments do I need?

You will experience smoother skin texture immediately after treatment, with best results obtained after a course of 3-6 peels at monthly intervals or as advised by your clinician. 

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is used to heighten your cells internal functions, this results in faster healing and reduced downtime when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Treatments take 20 minutes.

Package of 3 Treatments